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Mae Wachtel

Helping Hand For Contractors is a Ventura County company founded in 1999 by Mae Wachtel.

They service areas from Santa Barbara County all the way to Los Angeles County. Mae was born and raised in Ventura County where she resides and calls home. She has two awesome kids Ashtyan 20 and Austyan 10.

In addition to her 15 years of experience and her love of working with contractors she spends a ton of time with her kids. Building business relationships with contractors is for sure a passion Mae has.

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I have been using Helping Hand for Contractors for over 10 years. They are very efficient and are well recognized by the plan checkers for building & safety department for each city. I had one customer that tried to pull a permit for 6 months and was unsuccessful. Helping Hand pulled that same permit within two weeks. They know how to make that final change that pleases the plan checkers.

Dennis E Wisby

Allstate Pools & Spas

I just wanted to let you know that both Jan and I could not be happier with the services provided from Mae. The level of quality and the professionalism from Helping Hand For Contractors is Awesome.

D. Thomas

Los Angeles, CA